Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak ; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.





“Music, distance, and one minute of just us” is a project bringing music, visual arts, and architecture together to create an exhibition in Taiwan this December. This project was created because I believe life is about the special moments, and we as musicians have the ability and responsibility to create them. The exhibition is a visual arts show, a multipurpose urban architecture, a mini concert series given by young musicians, and a social experiment.

In the last decade, I watched my old school in Taiwan closed down their music department, I watched young audiences and parents turned away from classical music, and I watched my fellow colleagues chose not to continue their careers in Taiwan. It is tempting for us to blame the loss of audience on the general public, how they never gave classical music a chance. But, when I look around in our music world, I see us turning away and relying on the distance between stage and the auditorium more than anytime in history. We also distant ourselves from the world,  afraid of the possibility that people won’t appreciate the music we poured our hearts and souls into. I started from just wondering what and how did this happen, but I realized I might never understand and that it probably won’t matter, so I decided to do something first and think later. With this exhibition, which is something that has never been done before, it will be able to give both the audience and musicians a chance to step out of our worlds. I understand nowadays we are all very careful about how to spend our time, and even a classical music concert can seem too time-consuming in this fast paced world, but one minute is never considered long. Not only do I want to bring the audience in, I also want to bring the musicians out. The exhibition is shorter than a concerto and more impactful than a street tune, the multimedia part of the exhibition also has many things to offer for the architecture and visual art admirers. It will draw the attention and awareness with stronger appeal to reach a wider audience. It is something that has never been done before and it will deliver to people.

This project won’t change the society values over night, but I aim to create an ABSOLUTELY unforgettable classical music moment in the visitors' lives, and to create conversation to bring Taiwanese musicians and the general public closer. It will be an unique experience for all of us, and it will inspire.